About Matt Davis

Current Tour Dates

Matt Davis has performed at the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, JFL42 in Toronto, Sketch Fest in San Francisco, KLICfest in Malaysia, UICF in Utrecht, Netherlands, the Bengaluru Comedy Festival in India, and others.

In addition to 20+ years of performing, his comedic short films have been featured in collectives at the Film Dayton festival, the LYAO comedy festival, and the Cincinnati Film Festival.

In 2015 he launched the World in Jest project to embody the belief that real and imagined borders can be crossed when people prioritize communities of shared interest. By connecting with communities of performing artists across the globe, the project was able to produce over 100 performances across 30 countries in its 13 months, and Matt was able to work with over 200 established and emerging artists he had not previously known.

While continuing to tour internationally, Matt began working on a larger on-going venture based on the evolution of those initial ideas; and he founded BadFamiliar to embody and centralize those efforts.

Matt prioritizes working with local artistic and comedic groups to perform for cross-cultural and cross-language audiences, often being the first performer brought in to help expand and connect both new and established local language efforts with English performances. In example: Mongolia, Macedonia, and Pakistan.