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Throughout the site, items may be linked-to, showcased, embedded, or referenced that are the original creative work of others not under the upside-down-umbrella that is BadFamiliar. Unless otherwise noted in an original work-for-hire contract between the artist or author of any particular item, the artist or author is assumed to maintain their copyright. Any original works contract by BadFamiliar (works-for-hire / commissions) are subject to the terms of their individual contract, but otherwise assumed under the copyright of BadFamiliar.

Imagery, photos, graphics, software, and code utilized by this site under a Creative Commons license - regardless of whether that license requires attribution for usage - is listed below for the sole purpose of attribution; no further benefit is suggested or implied, and no guarantee is made of the list’s completeness.

In all cases, unless expressly stated within the context of its usage or elsewhere within their own documents or this site, no assumption is made or implication intended that any usage or mention of a work or artist correlates to any self-adherence, pledge, or identification with the ethos and mission - in whole or in part - of BadFamiliar.

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