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A World in Jest media kit cover (2015)

A World in Jest media kit cover (2015)

About the World in Jest Project

American stand up comedian Matt Davis left his home in July of 2015 to see if he could travel non-stop for a year around the world using only stand up comedy gigs and the communities that surround them to help him along.

With an original goal of continuing until until August the following year, Matt's goal was met and excededed; leading to the development of a more focused, on-going project. (BadFamiliar)

Beginning with only a handful of dates in China and Southeast Asia, Matt reached out first to comedians he knew from his 19 years of performing. Those contacts led to other connections, who in turn led to even more. And so he continued for 13 months.

Matt was able to work with over 200 established and emerging artists he had not previsouly known during the over 100 shows across more than 30 countries the project produced.

Having evidenced its hypothesis, the World in Jest project was closed.

While continuing to tour internationally, Matt has taken what was learned from the World in Jest project and applied those lessons into the development of an on-going project.

Video clips from some of the funny comedians I (Matt Davis) have met and shared the stage with since the start of the A World in Jest project in July 2015. h...

This project was sponsored in part by We cannot thank them enough, so, instead, we just put this little note about it here. :)


Comedians and other artists worked with during the World in Jest project ( under development)

Aamer Peeran (Saudi Arabia/ India)

Ahmed Sharriff (India)

Aditya Shidhar (India)

Ajay Samson (India)

Andy Curtain (Australia/China)

Angel Brito (US/Thailand)

Audrey Murray (US/China)

Brian Tan (Malaysia)

Carsten Ley (Germany/Vietnam)

Chris Wegoda (UK/Thailand)

Daliso Chaponda (Malawi/UK)

Dana Pandawa (Indonesia)

Daniel Fernandes (India)

David Fertitta (US/China)

Deepu Dileepan (India)

Delfin Solomon (Indonesia/Thailand)

Diana Bailey (Canada/Vietnam)

Falah Faisal (India)

Fathia Saripuspita (Indonesia)

GB Labrador (Philippines)

Gino Jo (Aust/Myanmar)

Grem Wood (UK/Thailand)

Harith Iskander (Malaysia)

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia (India)

Jeff Sinclair (Canada/Korea)

Joanna Sio (Hong Kong)

Joe Schaefer (US/China)

Joe Wong (China)

Jonathan Atherton (Australia/Malaysia)

Kay Kim (Korea)

Rockstar Alex (Vietnam)

Rudy Tyburczy (US/Korea)

Sam Thomas (US/Cambodia)

Samuel See (Singapore)

Sanjay Manaktala (US/India)

Satish Perumal (India)

Shunky Chugani (India)

Siddharth Banerjee (India)

Siddharth Dudeja (India)

Srinath Gaddam (US/India)

Steve Syme (US/Korea)

Steven Halcrow (Scotland/Cambodia)

Storm Xu (China)

Suhas Navaratna (India)

Suman Kumar (India)

Sundeep Rao (India)

Sunny Pal (Thailand)

Tien Dung (Vietnam)

Tony Morewood (UK/Cambodia)

Turner Sparks (US/China)

Uday Duggal (Singapore)

Umar Rana (Singapore)

Utsav Chakraborty (India)

Vamsidhar Bhogaraju (India)

Vasu Primlani (US/India)

Vatthina Tola (Cambodia)

Vinay Sharma (India)

Vikram Balaji (India)

Warisa Natty (Thailand)

William Childress (US/Myanmar)

William Little (US/China)

Kenny Sebastian (India)

Kjeld Sreshth (India)

Kritarth Srinivasan (India)

Martin Zdarek (Czech Republic/Myanmar)

Marty Lappen (Australia)

Mikhail Almeida (India)

Minkus Nguyen (Vietnam)

Mohammad Magdi (Egypt/China)

Navin Kumar (India)

Navin Noronha (India)

Nazeem Hussain (Australia)

Nigel Tu (Myanmar/UK/China)

Nittin Mirani (Dubai)

Paddy Bourke (Ireland/Cambodia)

Paul Creasy (UK/Beijing)

Paul Ogata (US)

Prakash Daniel (Malaysia)

Praveen Kumar (India)

Punya Aurora (India)

Rajneesh Kapoor (India)

Rob Brien (Ireland/Chengdu)